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Data Recovery
If you need a data recovery specialist in Tucson, stop using the computer in question and call Harry at 325-4656 for a quick consultation over the phone. 

Computer Guys is a data recovery specialist in Tucson, Arizona. 95% of the time we can recover your data due to operating system problems, software problems, and hardware problems. 

Your best bet is to turn it off and call us.
 The more you work within an unstable system the more data you'll probably lose.  We'll copy your information to cds, dvds, or an external hard disk. 

If data recovery is not possible due to hardware failure, we are an Authorized DriveSavers Reseller.  We can package and ship your media off to DriveSavers and get you a 10% discount. 

NO attempt fee
(a $200 savings) if your data is not recoverable! There is no charge if we send it in for you and no data is recovered.  If you want to call them directly provide this number DS13677 when you contact them at 800-440-1904 you will receive a 10% discount through Elver Enterprises, Inc.

Data recovery in Tucson is a speciality we can assist you with. Feel free to call us today (520) 325-4656.

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