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Since most small business companies don't need and can't afford a full-time IT person, SMBs frequently relied on Fred, the receptionist's flaky-but-computer-savvy cousin to handle the support. But as IT becomes mission critical to small businesses, a quiet revolution is taking place.

Small business IT Support formAs networks and security issues become increasingly sophisticated and state and federal compliance regulations affect more and more SMBs, many companies have found that turning over their support function to a company that specializes in providing such services is a better option.

In fact, it's often more productive to hire an outside company that offers a combination of part-time on-site IT support with on-call helpdesk available in case problems arise when the on-site person is not around. In recent years, an entire cottage industry of "Geeks'R'Us" companies has appeared to answer the need for reliable, quality part-time IT support for small businesses.

If you own a very small business or you're cost sensitive, you might be interested in a service that provides per-call or per-incident support rather than a monthly service contract. Think about how much on-site support you really need. Having a part-time person visit on a weekly or monthly basis can substantially cut your support services bills.

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